Pierre de Bourgogne
  • Sawn finish

    Comprising some linear or circular saw marks caused by the sawing tools (circular or straight blades), the thickness is not calibrated (+1 to 2 mm)
  • Honed

    Flat face, smooth egg-shell finish (used for interior floors), the tiles are calibrated
  • Aged flagstone

    The surface finish appears older than a traditional brushed finish, with a more accentuated texture and greater patina obtained by using very fine grain abrasive brushes. The tiles are worked slowly to wear the stones with intensity, and the edges hand worked to recreate the occasional random chip while conserving their straight form. Inspired by old tiles from a bygone age.
  • Lightly chipped edges

    Tile with the periphery edges of the face having some small chips irregular in size and intensity, only available with the finish bush-hammered and brushed
  • Edges hand chiselled

    The top periphery edge of the tiles are reworked by hand, with the arris having random chips; canbe applied to all finishes
  • Bush-hammered

    Rough finish presenting surface irregularities 1 to 2mm deep obtained with the bush-hammer tool which is equipped points mounted on rollers, creating a lightly chiselled edge. Sharp edges are not available with this finish which is uniquely for exterior use and is difficult to clean.
  • Sanded

    Face with fine traces of tooling, similar to the honed finish in flatness, edges sawn. This finish lightens the stones by using an aggressive abrasive. Only for exterior use.
  • Brushed

    Finish showing a small ripple effect created by the variation of harder and softer elements in the tiles, with a final aspect that is soft to the touch. Restores colour to the stone.