Pierre de Bourgogne
THE Geographical Indication PIERRE DE BOURGOGNE

‘Pierre de Bourgogne’ was officially granted an I.G. (Geographical Indication) on 29 June 2018, published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.  It is the first Geographical Indication for a limestone in France.

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What is a Geographical Indication?

The Geographical Indication is an official stamp of origin and quality delivered by the state and supervised by the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).  It is the equivalent of the AOC, AOP and IGP recognised in the food industry.

Why create a Geographical Indication?

Extracted for thousands of years limestone from Burgundy has contributed in the creation of a rich architectural heritage unique on a regional, national and international level.

This reputation has attracted imitations and given rise to French and foreign natural stones including travertine being abusively labelled ‘’Pierre de Bourgogne’’ when they originate elsewhere.   Various products in cement, plastic, wood, ceramic and reconstructed stone have also been abusively labelled ‘’Pierre de Bourgogne’’ in order to give a cachet to their products and increase their sales value.  


The Geographic Indication is a tool for protection and promotion which enhances the values of products and local know-how.

It enables companies that comply:
- To guarantee the origin of stone from Burgundy by ensuring a genuine TRACABILITY of the finished product. 
- To choose a product CERTIFIED by an impartial organisation external to the industry.
- To fight against the ABUSIVE use of the label “Pierre de Bourgogne” for products which do not comply.
- To protect and enhance a local ancestral heritage and to DEVELOP the economic activity of the area.   

The commitment of the company to operate under the I.G.: 

Includes membership of the organisation and enrolment on the list of compliant companies published in the BOPI concerning Intellectual Property.   The 12 contractual requirements must be fully respected by the company concerned.   They include regular controls undertaken by an accredited external and independent certification organisation to guarantee that these requirements are fully respected.

Thus the customer who buys a product “Pierre de Bourgogne” is assured that he is purchasing genuine stone from Burgundy extracted and transformed in Burgundy be professionals.  The IG enables transparency about the origin of the stone and the method of production of the products assuring traceability of the manufacturing operations.