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Savon de Marseille and Savon Noir for Burgundy Limestone


Many old buildings have beautiful limestone floors that have developed their patina over hundreds of years.   To protect freshly laid Burgundy limestone floors and obtain this effect with Marius Fabre soap flakes:

Take a bucket (approx 10 litres) of very hot water (just off the boil) and add 500 grams of Marius Fabre Savon de Marseille soap flakes.   Once dissolved pour the resulting mixture into a watering can and water the clean floor abundantly and evenly.   The very hot water will help the soap penetrate into the pores of the stone.   Renew the operation several times always following the same procedure, waiting 8 to 24 hours between each application.  

500 gr of Savon de Marseille flakes willcover approx 25 m2 per application (in total 1,5kg for Beaunotte limestone and 1kg for Mareuil).   Once the floor is saturated with soap (approximately 2 to 3 applications according to the type of stone and finish) the tiles will have a whitish appearance due to the presence of soap on the surface of the stone.   Do not attempt to remove.   The soap will nourish the stone and the whitish aspect will disappear after a few weeks.

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Made from 100% vegetable oils, without solvants or colouring, Marius Fabre savon noir is olive oil based and a very efficient natural cleaner.   It has a very concentrated formula and is a really economic product.

Note that Marius Fabre savon noir is olive oil based; other savon noirs are either linseed oil based (to be avoided) or palm oil based which may contribute to destroying tropical forests.   It has an attractive dark brown colour when dissolved and its unique formula was created in 1900 by Marius Fabre, the only French supplier of olive oil savon noir which has been attributed enterprise of the living Heritage. 

Thanks to its composition rich in olive oil, Marius Fabre savon noir cleans, purifies, nourishes in depth and gives a shine to all Burgundy limestone floors.   Dilute 2 soupspoons per 5L of hot water and wash.  It is not necessary to rinse. 

Marius Fabre savon noir can also be used for dish washing, maintaining work tops, cleaning stoves, copper and silver, washing clothes and cleaning cars, etc ….


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