Pierre de Bourgogne
Fixing incorporating underfloor heating

Fixing tiles on a floor incorporating underfloor heating

Before starting, check with the heating supplier for their recommendations.   As a general rule the layer of floor in which the heating is installed should cure for a minimum of 30 days (or as many weeks as there are cm of floor thickness).

When the heating is activated it should be increased to its maximum by 5°c at a time per 24 hour period.   The floor should then be left with the heating on for three days, after which the temperature should be decreased in the same steps until it is off.   Then the heating should be left off for 48 hours before starting to fix.   You should wait 7 days after completing fixing before reactivating the heating if the tiles were fixed with tile adhesive, and 28 days if a traditional mortar screed has been used.   Again this should always be done by steps of 5 °c per 24 hours.  

For our suggestions for fixing and grouting, refer to the notices above according to the type of fixing employed.